Xero Integration

Bulk upload Suppliers Invoices / Bills

The first step is to ensure that you have integrated with Xero and then to “sync all” between the platforms. You should have your contacts created in Block Angel so they can be synced to Xero. Here’s an article on how to set up that Xero integration: How to integrate with Xero?   Log into […]

How to integrate with Xero for one management company?

Xero integrates with Block Angel to supercharge the administration of financial accounts. You can now have multiple management companies under one Xero subscription. You can view this article here:     This article pertains to a one-to-one relationship between Xero to Management Company. i.e. setting up one Management Company with a Xero account. 1. Click […]

Send invoices to Xero

Approved invoices can be sent to Xero for them to be paid. 1. To access invoices, click “budgets” on the left hand side navigation bar. Then click into your chosen budget. 2. Once invoices have been created, they will be available to view next to charges. 3. There are options to download invoices, email invoices […]

How are Xero and Block Angel linked?

Introduction Block Angel offers the possibility of an integration with your Xero accounting tenant, in order to leverage the best out of both platforms.    This means you can fully define properties and owners in Block Angel, including all annual/ad-hoc payment demands and debt management associated with those properties – then rely on Xero to […]

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