Getting Started

Inviting a Property Manager

Navigate to Property Managers page in Admin section Click INVITE + Choose your Management Agency in the first field Add the email address of the new PM in the second field and INVITE The PM will receive an email prompting them to sign up as a PM for your Management Agency The PM will need […]

Setting up a Management Company

To set up a Management Company navigate to the Admin section in the left-hand navigation bar. Click on ‘Companies’. This will display the list of Management Companies associated with your Management Agency. Click ‘ADD NEW’ button to create a new Management Company Complete the fields and click ‘SAVE’ Management Agent Fixed field. Property managers * […]

User registration via mobile app

Download the Block Angel mobile app from Google Play or the Apple App Store. When you first open the mobile app an introduction to the apps main features will be displayed. You will then be prompted to enter an access code. There are two ways in which a person receives an access code for the […]

Creating blocks & importing unit data

Add a block Navigate to the Blocks page in the Admin section of BA Select “ADD NEW+”   Fill in the details of the new block Address lines 1 & 2 are required You must accept the Terms of Service confirming that you have signed a contract for this Management Company On the next screen, you […]

Sending Welcome letters

Navigate to Units under the Blocks section of the left hand navigation bar Select the block that you want to send letter for Tick the box beside the ‘Unit’ column to select all units, this will present a new tool bar above the list of Units Click ‘Generate Welcome letters’ 5. Choose whether to display […]

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