Send messages to owners and tenants

You can choose to send messages to all owners and tenants. 1. Click “messages” on the left hand side navigation bar on the dashboard. 2. Click “New message” in the top right corner. 3. You can choose whether to send the message to just owners or owners and tenants in the drop down menu. 4. […]

View messages on the community portal

PM Agents can send messages to owners or owners and tenants. These are viewable by owners and tenants on the community portal. 1. Click “messages” on the left hand side navigation bar. 2. All appropriate messages will be viewable here.

Sending an invoice via email

You can also email created invoices to owners. 1. To access invoices, click “budgets” on the left hand side navigation bar. Then click into your chosen budget. 2. Once invoices have been created, they will be available to view next to charges. 3. There are options to download invoices, email invoices or send invoices to […]

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