User management

How to login to the Community Portal

The Community Portal is the interface for community members to receive important information with regards to the management of their development. When the Property Manager has sent invites to owner and tenants the owners and tenants need to signup for Community Portal access so that they can access important information and interact with their property […]

How to invite a new Property Manager?

To invite a new Property Manager to your Block Angel agency app. Navigate to the ‘+’ symbol in the top right-hand corner of the screen. 2. Click on ‘Invite Property Manager’ 3. Enter the Property Managers Email and click ‘Send’.

Invite Owners and Tenants to the community portal

Once the development is set up, you will want to add owners and tenants to the community dashboard. You can do so in 3 ways. You will be  pushed to send invites to all after the last step of the 4 step wizard. If you choose not to, you can also click send invites to […]

Add a new ownership of a residence

If a residence changes ownership, you can update this on the platform. 1. Click “Blocks” on the left hand side navigation bar in the agency dashboard. 2. Click into your chosen development and click “Units” on the left hand side navigation bar. 3. Select your chosen unit and click on ownerships on the left hand […]

View individual units’ details

A Property management agent can view an individual units details in their agency dashboard. 1. Click “blocks” on the left hand side navigation bar. 2. Click into your chosen block. 3. Click units in the left hand side navigation bar. 4. Select your chosen unit. 5. Then select “unit details”.

Adding Directors to a Development

The final step in the setup wizard is to assign your director(s) to the company. 1. The director(s) can be chosen from the dropdown owner list. There must be a minimum of one director chosen. 2. When the green tick appears click “all done” on the left of the page. 3. You will be invited […]

Adding blocks and units to a development

The next step will be to add a Block(s) to the Development by clicking “add blocks”. 1. Click “Add a block” on the right side of the screen. 2. Insert details of the block, including Block name, address and postcode, and post town. ( This is the physical address of the development. 3. The block […]

Add new development

To add a new development, navigate to the right side of the screen and click the white plus (+) symbol. 2. Fill in all relevant details for the new Development. Select Property Manager from drop-down menu Company name Development Name Address – this is the registered business address of the management company. Date of Incorporation […]

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