Debt Management

Debt Workflow and Debt Management

Block Angel offers customisable workflow tools around Debtor management. This allows Property Managers to configure debt collection steps for each company under management, set time parameters between steps and add interest details to automate the debtor management process. Examples of the debt collection steps include: 1. Service charge demand reminder 2. Interest charge warning 3. […]

Reconciling payments

There are many ways to reconcile payments in Xero, including individually against an invoice or automatic bulk actions: Once an payment is received and reconciled against an outstanding invoice in your Xero account, the following will be observed in your Block Angel account: If the full amount of the outstanding invoice was received, the […]

Importing invoices and credit notes created in Xero to Block Angel

If you have created invoices or credit notes against Contacts directly in Xero, you can import these into Block Angel Ensure your Units in Block Angel are correctly synced to your Contacts in Xero Create an invoice or credit note on the Contact detail page in Xero Navigate to the Management Company modal, Integrations tab […]

Importing Schedule of Charges

Navigate to Charges page Select the correct MC and financial year from the dropdowns Click IMPORT CHARGES + Download the Charge Spreadsheet (Schedule of Charges.xlxs) Note: Each spreadsheet is unique per MC  Each column in the spreadsheet represents a single charge Each charge must have: Frequency (only Annual currently supported) Charge name (displayed to owners/directors […]

Generating and sending Account Statements

Once invoices have been issued to owners or credit notes assigned, Account Statements with an overview of all payment demands can be generated in Block Angel that can be downloaded or emailed to owners. Navigate to the Unit list Select All or the individual units to generate Account Statements for. Click Generate Account Statements to […]

Sending / downloading Payment Demand letters

Payment demands letters with the OPEN status can be downloaded to send by post or emailed directly to unit owners Navigate to Payment demands page Select the correct Management Company and financial year On the Open tab, you can multi-select the payment demands or select all on the open tab Selecting “Download demand letters” There […]

Assign Charges – Raising Payment Demands

Once all of the charges for the financial year have been added, these can now be assigned to the individual units as payment demands On the Charges page, select the new charge(s) to be assigned and click ASSIGN CHARGES: NOTE: Only charges with the Pending status can be assigned (charges have never been issued as […]

Creating charges

Ensure you have an active financial year for your Management Company Navigate to Companies -> Financial info tab Navigate to Charges page Select the correct Management Company from the dropdown Select the active financial year (displayed in bold) ADD NEW + charge button becomes active There are 3 different charge types: % units basis -> […]

Create Payment Demands / Invoices

When the payment demands in the selected Management Company are ready to be issued to the unit owners as invoices, select Create Invoices + on the Payment Demands page (Draft tab) This action will create the associated invoices in your Xero account Note: The create action will only create invoices for payment demands with the […]

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