Requests & Maintenance

Status updates, Request Notifications and Notes

As part of the management of maintenance and other Request issues it is important to update the status of Requests as they are being progressed. Updating the status of Requests not only provides management with an understanding of where all current tasks are at any given moment in time but it also serves to update […]

Getting quotes from Suppliers

Engage with your Suppliers to request quotes and send work orders through the Block Angel system. All of the information will be recorded on the system with the tendering process being managed using Block Angel web forms and document templates. Create a Supplier Navigate to ‘Suppliers’ in the Blocks section of the left hand navigation […]

Add new Requests

Requests are service requests from building residents and owners. Requests can vary in nature and can include maintenance issues, meter readings, reports of anti-social behaviour, car parking and waste management issues. New Requests are entered on the system in two ways: 2. Via the mobile App When a resident issues a Request through the Block […]

Sending Work Orders

Property Managers can send work orders to Suppliers thorugh the Block Angel system keeping a record of the order on the system which can be easily reffered to. Director approval can also be sought prior to engaging with a Supplier and this will also be recorded on the system providing a digital paper trail. Seek […]

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