Files & Folders

View documents on the community portal

Owners and Tenants can download and view documents shared by the PM agent, on the community portal. 1. Click “documents” on the left hand side navigation bar. 2. Click “download” on the right side of the screen to view and download the document that has been shared by the PM agent.  

Downloading invoices

Invoices can be downloaded so that you can have an extra copy of them on file. 1. On the left hand side navigation bar, click “budgets” 2. Then click into your chosen budget. 3. Once invoices have been created, they will be available to view next to charges.   4. There are options to download […]

Export Company Information

A property manager can download the information of all the owners and their 1. Click “Export” on the left side of the screen. 2. Then click “Export” in the middle of the screen to generate a CSV file of all units and their owners. 3. A spreadsheet will be generated as seen below.    

Add documents to a management company

To begin adding content to a development, we start by adding documents to the management company. 1. After completing the initial form, you will automatically be brought to the onboarding wizard that follows a 4 step process. You can also be brought to this page by searching for the company name in the directory. While […]

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